Recycling Technologies and References

InnoMax has supervised many projects for recycling companies and organizations that focus on innovation, the environment and saving of Natural Resources. Waste is no longer waste, but a new raw material, fuel or reusable commodity. The reuse of raw materials has never been as high as in recent years. We have completed many projects which show our personal knowledge and innovative ideas in order to achieve the desired end result.

The awareness of the reuse of raw materials has grown enormously in recent years. InnoMax has extensive experience in consultancy, project management, engineering, turnkey realization and on-site implementation.

For this we offer the following technology concepts:

  • (SI) AEB Amsterdam,  MSW Recycling plant, Advice on MSW Recycling, more specific the Separation of Commodities like Plastic- Bottles and Films, Paper and Card, Drinking cartons, Fe and NFe metals
  • (ASI) Sortiva Alkmaar, C&I, and MSW, Sorting Plant
  • (PRI) G.P. Groot Recycling Alkmaar, C&D Recycling Plant
  • (IBA) Incinerator Bottom Ash processing Plants, Cloos Luxembourg, Valomac Brussels Belgium
  • Landfill Mining and Rehabilitation and (excavated) Mixed waste processing plant
  • Landfill G.P. Groot Alkmaar (NL) and Normandy Landfill, Solidére, Beirut, Lebanon
  • Mattresses Recycling (RetourMatras®)
  • Car Tire Recycling (Granuband®)
  • Coal Fly ash (CFU) processing (SMZ) and Immobilizing and Pelletizing (Aardelite ™)
  • Waste Incineration Fly ash (IFA) processing, Immobilizing and Pelletizing (Eurolite ™)

Paul Cobelens, director at Cores (the Netherlands)

“Cees is a very professional guy. He has built in the course of many years a very good network with waste management companies, suppliers of waste technologies and waste processors all over the world. He has a lot of experience in all aspects of the waste business, especially in the field of engineering, business development and consultancy of waste recycling projects. As Cores Environment we like to work with him because he knows what he’s talking about, due to his experience brings real added value to projects, make things happen, enthusiastic, reliable and solution oriented.”

Projecten & Referenties