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Transformation of waste and residues

PUM expert Cees Duijn

When you know everything about the transformation of waste and residues into recycling commodoties, sustainability knows no boundaries. An interview with Cornelis (Cees for intimates) Duijn about international developments, his methodologies and the result of his visit to Myanmar.

Traveling around the world you sometimes come across surprises. Because there is still a lot to be achieved in the field of recycling. A start has been made in Myanmar, where recycling company RecyGlo has been making great progress since it was founded in 2017. And when you get stuck? Then there is the international recycling expert who will give you new insights.

This happened at the beginning of 2019 when Cees visited the company during one of his many foreign missions. He was received by a young organization with a motivated team of people. A company with the ambition to transform waste. Full of enthusiasm, Cees showed them how to get this off the ground as a project. The team has taken up everything that was within the possibilities.

And the result is impressive! Thanks to the recommendations of Cees, RecyGlo has changed in 1.5 years from a start-up to a full-scale company with offices in Myanmar, Singapore and Malaysia.

This success story is really worth reading.