Benelux Enterprise Awards

InnoMax wins Benelux Enterprise Award

Benelux Enterprise Award – The winners of the Benelux Enterprise Awards 2020 have been announced by EU Business News Magazine. And there we are! You’ll find us in the list of award winners under the i of InnoMax. We have worked hard for this and are therefore quite proud of it.

Despite all the uncertainties that characterize 2020, there are companies in the Benelux (and even beyond) that continue and find alternative ways to achieve success. Entering new markets, responding to new technology, this year is all about change and resilience. As a motivation, companies could also qualify for the Benelux Enterprise Award in 2020.

The great thing is that at InnoMax BV we have been able to show that resilience by continuing to innovate. We keep our focus on the optimal use of recycling techniques and advise organizations in the field of waste management and maximum reuse.

The Benelux Enterprise Award that we have received from EU Business News is the icing on the cake for InnoMax BV. We are pleased to see that we continue to do business enthusiastically with a large group of companies and contribute to an economy that can use extra power right now.

The Online Publication of EU Business News Magazine explains the working methods of the “best of the best”. InnoMax BV is listed on page 16.

This publication is also available via download PDF.

Benelux Enterprise Awards 2020
EU Business News publication Benelux Enterprise Awards 2020