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Recently, InnoMax B.V. was awarded the accolade of Best Environmental & Technology Recycling Consultancy Firm in The Netherlands. We spoke to company owner, Cees Duijn, about the firm and the services it offers to its clients.

Source: BUILD 2019 Recycling and Waste Management Awards (PDF)

InnoMax B.V. is a consulting Engineering Company, focussing on the Waste, Environmental and Recycling Industry. Active in Europe, the firm’s expertise is built on many operational references in Recycling Waste and Residues into resources, building materials and alternative fuels for energy and heat recovery, with its key clients being national and international waste recycling companies.

The firm focuses on solid waste and the recycling of commodities with a high recovery, purity and availability yield, which covers a broad range of materials and it offer advice and engineering services, project Investment budgeting (Capex) and operational costs per ton (Opex) calculations, including the service to request and obtain technical, environmental and operational permits on behalf of its customers.

Cees Duijn is owner and chief consultant at InnoMax. He tells us more about the firm and the type of services it can offer.

“We pride ourselves on focussing on specific waste types and advising our customers on how to achieve their objectives, taking into account the legal framework for the re-use of their recycling commodities,” begins Cees. “We are independent and can generate the best technical and operational design based on the best/top equipment brands in the environmental and recycling market. Integrating these techniques and technology brings about the desired results. Seeing really is believing.”

The culture at the firm is centred around taking a hands-on approach, with open communications across all departments, which allows the exchange of knowledge and expertise to flow freely.

“Talking, listening and discussing topics in a positive exchange of opinions, whilst respecting everybody involved, is how we get the best results,” states Cees.

InnoMax is based in Benelux, Germany and Denmark which has seen the waste and environment sector setting the standard for recycling commodities, mainly packaging materials like plastics (Nbr. 1-7), Tetra-pack, paper and card. There are also the major issues of the much-needed reduction of Nitrogen (N2) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions. But how does the sector fare throughout the rest I of Europe? Cees tells us some of the trends he has seen emerging and the challenges that the industry faces.

“In Europe, we are seeing a strong development of very specific solutions on a very small scale, mainly initiated and executed by start-ups. These start-ups are implementing an ‘outside the box’ way of thinking which allows them to push the barriers. We need these start-ups to develop new solutions to achieve the reduction of the environmental emission goals as set by the EU for 2030 and 2050. However, we see many of these start-ups fail in upscaling their operations and so we need to offer technical, operational and financial support for these start-ups to fulfil their objectives and to generate a bottom-up innovation of the environmental, waste and recycling industry in Europe.”

“Technology developments are in the fast lane,” enthuses Cees. “Next to the physical equipment for sizing, screening and cleaning, we see a strong development and utilisation of sensor-based technology, near infra-red, and robotica, improving even more so the recovery, purity and availability yield of the present waste sorting and recycling plants.

This will generate a lot of retrofits and optimisations of these plants. InnoMax will be part of these developments and through a new company it can contribute and support its customers to execute these optimisations, taking into account time and costs. “Taking into account the challenges mentioned above, we have developed our strategy and mission for the period 2020 to 2025,” continues Cees.

A new business development, which started at the end of 2019, is matching the demand and the availability of used equipment readily available on our customer sites. Much recycling equipment is available due to retrofits and modifications. We offer the service to our customers to generate some extra cash for their surplus equipment rather than dumping this equipment as scrap. We do this through our new company UQuip. This also complies with our Circulair 10R tools principles of ‘re-use, repair, and refurbish’.”

Contact: Cees Duijn
Company: InnoMax B.V.
Address: Staalstraat 91, 1951 MA Velsen-Noord, Netherlands
Telephone: +31653314309
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